After reuniting with his longtime collaborator Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, The-Dream is back with two new EPs, Crown and Jewel, under his own Contra-Paris imprint, a company that goes beyond a record label and is focused on “culture and everything that surrounds music."

The trendsetting, self-proclaimed "Radio Killa" behind hits like “Rockin’ That Thang,”  “Makeup Bag” and “Falsetto,” took a unique approach to debuting his new music by dividing his latest effort into two EPs. Dream debuted Crown Tuesday (April 14) and Jewel is slated to drop this summer.

The Grammy Award-winning singer recently spoke to The Boombox about the difference between the two projects. “With Crown, I just want to give people what they want from me,” Dream tells The Boombox. “With Jewel, I just want to deliver more of a progressive sound.”Crown features Dream’s traditional love songs like “All I Need,” his double entendre-cloaked lessons on “Fruition” and his “ratchet side” -- as he calls it -- on “Throw It Back.” The record also includes the lead single “That’s My S---“ featuring T.I.

Jewel, the longer of the two projects, drops on July 10 and will solely featured Dream with no assistance from his plethora of music star friends.

You can stream the six-track Crown project below and check out the track list for Jewel.

The Dream's Jewel EP Track List

1. “Black Magic”
2. “Love Me Back”
3. “Time In Paris”
4. “Boat”
5. “Cover Girl”
6. “I Love You”
7. “Butter”
8. “Transparent”
9. “Royalty” (*Bonus)

Listen to The-Dream's Crown EP

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