The-Dream celebrates girl-on-girl action in the provocative, NSFW video for "Equestrian," a song featured on his recently released fifth studio album, IV Play.

In the clip, a blonde beauty and her curvaceous lady friend get up close and personal. The latter has a note between her lips -- the singer's name and album title are featured on it -- which blondie sexily takes away from her with her own mouth.

Things start to heat up when they caress each other's skin, holding tight to bare behinds and licking in spots that usually don't receive any action.

They move from a couch to a bed and continue to raise the temperature, all while The-Dream coos lyrics like, "Grab on, jump up, on this saddle/ Now pop that, bring that back, get on it/ Baby work me like this, on it, own ya craft/ Nobody do me like you do me."