The-Dream, real name Terius Nash, and Christina Milian had a rather embarrassing public split last year after the chart-topping producer was photographed on a beach with a new, younger woman. Already separated, the impending controversy and divorce were tabloid fodder for a week or two, yet both parties seem to have largely avoided the public eye since then.

Well, now Nash is stepping back into the ring to battle Milian over their divorce settlement, and one thing is truly coming between them: Justin Bieber. TMZ reports that Georgia divorce settlement documents show that Nash agreed to pay a huge sum to Milian which includes 10 percent of his publishing interest in Justin Bieber's hit single 'Baby.' The-Dream co-wrote the hit track which will likely see royalties paying-out over the years.

Milian already has her 10 percent, but apparently wants more. She is demanding additional support in general and is targeting a greater percentage of The-Dream's royalties on the song. Nash, in response, has gone into full battle mode and is attempting to stop all payments to her.

The fight is unfortunate as both parties seemed to have completed an amicable split last November. At the time, a lawyer for Milian said, "[She] strongly believes that peaceful resolution is better for their child and that she is very pleased with the settlement and that it was accomplished out of court." Not exactly the type of Bieber Fever one anticipates.

Watch Justin Bieber's 'Baby'

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