Though producer-singer The-Dream threatened to retire after the release of his last album, 'Love King,' he has since returned with a new single and an 11-song internet-only effort to tide fans over until the release of his official fourth album, 'The Love, IV: Diary of a Madman.'

A tracklisting for the 'Umbrella' producer's internet album, '1977,' was recently announced, along with the guest features, including Kanye West protégé Big Sean and The-Dream's Radio Killa Records signee Casha. The record, which will be available on Aug. 31, features the singles 'Form of Flattery,' and 'Long Gone,' for which a video was shot in Brooklyn recently.

"'Love King' was rushed and the label was in transition," The-Dream said of his last album's poor reception, in a recent interview. "I was the only one that was stupid enough to put out an album while in transition. A 'Rookie Mistake.' But it helped me a lot in reassuring to me that it takes a team to win. I've grown more and I'm producing outside of myself more and that's really a joy. I'm really happy about my production growth in being able to have the patience to completely take a record from A-Z."

Check out the tracklisting to The-Dream's internet album, '1977,' below. 'The Love, IV: Diary of a Madman' will be in stores in the fall.

1. 'Wake Me When It's Over'

2. 'Used to Be'

3. 'Long Gone'

4. 'Ghetto' feat. Big Sean

5. 'Wedding Crasher'

6. 'Rolex' feat. Casha

7. 'Silly' Introducing Casha

8. '1977 (Miss You Still)'

9. 'Wish You Were Mine'

10. 'Real'

11. 'Form of Flattery'

Watch The-Dream's 'Love King (Remix)'

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