Rapper Janice "Sabi" Portlock of Los Angeles rap group the Bangz suffered a shock when she was informed that her partner, Korttney "Ella" Elliot had been shot in the neck by a stray bullet on Sept. 14.

"I honestly didn't think it was that bad," Sabi told MTV on the set of the Bangz's new video, 'Found My Swag,' in L.A. "Ella parties a lot, so I was thinking, 'Maybe she was out and about.' She caught a stray bullet. I didn't think it was gonna be as serious as it was."

The group had a song 'Boys With Tattoos (We Jerkin),' making noise at the time, which DJ Felli Fel had in heavy rotation on L.A.'s Power 106. Then, "the world stopped," Sabi said.

"When we got to the hospital, I remember walking through the emergency room," she continued. "I didn't know what to expect. When I saw the face of her stepfather and her mother, I knew it was something very serious. I immediately started crying. I said, 'Please tell me she's not ... ' I thought the worst happened. They thought the worst happened. [The doctors] said she was practically brain-dead basically. Then they found some brain activity and it was a little shine of light. It was a roller coaster situation. Then they got her somewhat stabilized, but she was in such a critical condition. It was a really awkward, stressful, shocking situation. The whole world just stopped."


Ella had three surgeries and was unconscious for close to a month, but has since made a huge recovery. Though she can't yet speak or walk, she is responsive, and is able to perform basic motor functions.

"She's doing good," Sabi said. "The fight is in her to get better. She's such a rock 'n' roll chick. This is not gonna slow her down at all. She's been getting physical therapy, speech therapy to get her back to where she was. The doctors say they expect a full recovery as long as she fights to get better. She has to push through these therapy sessions because it's really hard for her. When she got injured, she was unconscious for three weeks. Now she's fighting to get her mobility back. As soon as she opened her eyes three weeks later, she was aware."

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