Authorities from the Inglewood Police Department are having trouble finding witnesses willing to assist them in solving the murder of slain Cali Swag District member Montae "M-Bone" Talbert.

According to Time Magazine, reluctant witnesses are stopping police from nabbing the unknown shooter, who killed the 22-year-old in his home city of Inglewood, Calif., last month. "When witnesses don't want to come out and talk, that's a challenge," revealed Inglewood Police Department Lieutenant Oscar Serrano. "It's proven to be a challenge in these types of shootings, and it's a challenge right now."

While the exact motive behind the murder is still unknown, reports suggest that Talbert lost his life as the result of jealousy, which may have began as an online feud. "It's something that's been brought to the attention of detectives, and they're looking into whether it's important to the investigation," said Serrano.

Since his death, the remaining three members have done their best to pay tribute to their friend and plan to release a new album, 'The Kickback,' which will drop next month. "We wanna write happy songs," the group told the BoomBox when asked how they will honor their fallen member. "We've been going hard for him; he was a gift."

Talbert was killed in front of a local liquor store on May 15. The group has denied that the shooting was gang affiliated.

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