There's movement on the Frank Ocean wave, which might mean that fans are getting closer to hearing his highly anticipated album.

The Channel Orange creator's official site,, now redirects to, named after his forthcoming magazine -- a title that could very well belong to his sophomore album too.

The site displays the same picture that the singer shared in April, showcasing himself seated beside two stacks of Boys Don't Cry magazine.

At the top of the site you can find links to "all," "pics," "vids," "audio" and "text." So far, users are only able to click on the first two options. We're certainly eyeing the audio and video links since it might mean new music.

The "Thinkin' Bout You" crooner was supposed to release his second album in July, but Ocean stans got nothing. His younger brother, Ryan Breaux, trolled fans with a fake link to the album on Instagram, which led to the music video for Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." For shame. Beaux's post has since been taken down, but since this is the internet, you know how that goes.

We're still waiting on that album, Frank. Until then, we'll be listening to some gems from Nostalgia, Ultra.

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