Hip-hop has grown over the years to become one of the most popular genres of music in our generation. Pop culture has embraced the music, the culture, and community that it brings. The genre is so popular that there are game shows like Hip-Hop Card Revoked and Hip Hop Squares, that were created to test people's knowledge of the genre.

Family game shows like Jeopardy often have Hip-hop centered questions for contestants to answer. Getting these questions right or wrong could mean the difference in winning or losing thousands of dollars. You'd be surprised by how much or how little people know about hip-hop. Check out the twenty best hip-hop questions that have been featured on game shows.

Chicago native G Herbo was put to the test when he appeared on Hip-Hop Card Revoked.  Herbo is only 22 and while some of the questions were literally before his time he was able to hold it down and keep his card.

The first question G Herbo had to answer he got wrong, he didn't know who the rap group  Fu-Schnickens was or that Shaquille O'Neal made his hip-hop debut performing on The Arsenio Hall Show alongside the group.

In G Herbo's defense, he wasn't even born when the performance occurred–Herbo was born in 1995.

C. Hype Williams

C. Snoop Dogg.

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Thirty years ago game show host Alex Trebek probably would have never thought he would end up rapping lyrics to hip-hop songs on his show. Drake, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Grandmaster Flash have all made an appearance on the show as answers to questions.

Watch as Trebek does his best at rapping the lyrics to popular hip-hop songs so contestants can answer the trivia questions.

Who is Dr. Dre?

Who is Grandmaster Flash?

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Hip-hop mogul Dame Dash should know a thing or two about the culture, it should have been a walk in the park when he appeared on Hip-Hop Card Revoked to have his knowledge tested. However, Dash came really close to getting his card revoked.

Dash did not know that it was rapper DMX who is named after a drum machine.

He also did not know that Big Krit was not from New Orleans.

The first question Dash answered correctly was the question about Cardi B's real name. According to Dash, he tried to get Cardi to play in one of his films and that helped him remember her real name.

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JAY-Z's made headlines when his album 4:44 dropped back in June, the album was so big it made its way to the game show Jeopardy.

Angela and Vanessa Simmons are literally children of Hip-Hop. Their father is Joseph Simmons, who is one-third of the hip-hop group, Run-DMC, and their Uncle is Russell Simmons also known as the godfather of hip-hop. So when their knowledge was put to the test on Hip-Hop Card Revoked the sisters had to come correct.

Three 6 Mafia became the first hip-hop group to win the Academy Award for Best Original Song with "It's Hard out Here for a Pimp."

Angela didn't know the year Nas released his first album Illmatic. On April 19, 1994, Nas dropped Illmatic–the album went on to become a hip-hop classic. In 2001, Illmatic earned a platinum certification after selling one million copies in the United States.

Vanessa answered most of the questions correctly, she even got Tupac's birthdate right.

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Of all the lyrics Remy Ma could have been quizzed on she got hit with a Nicki Minaj question. During an episode of Hip-Hop Squares, Remy had to finish the line to Nicki's "Anaconda" song. "Put his butt to sleep, ______." Do you think she got it right?

Teyana Taylor oozes hip-hip and she always pays homage to the culture. Taylor appeared on Hip-Hop Squares and had her knowledge tested.

Which rapper judged the deejay battle in 1992 film Juice? Answer: B. Queen Latifah

Not many people may know the answer to this question but Tupac Shakur was originally supposed to play the lead character in the film Higher Learning first.

Poetic Justice is a cult classic in the Hip-hop community and the late Dr. Maya Angelou not only wrote all the poems that were recited in the film, Angelou also appears in the film in the film as one of the three elderly sisters who the characters meet at a roadside family reunion.

We all know who Debbie's sister (Felisha) was in the film Friday, but did you know the name of Craig's sister?

This question may cause you to rub your chin and think but Teyana knows her films and she knew what college Ricky was recruited to in the film Boyz n the Hood. The answer is B. USC.

Teyana answered all of the questions correctly, check out the full video here.