On Monday, the world got a surprise of 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' proportions when Jay-Z decided that he would spend the bulk of the day on Twitter.

From noon until 7 PM at night, Jay went on a Twitter spree that saw him answer questions ranging from favorite cereal to football. He even authorized the leak of ‘Dead Presidents 3,’ a track produced by Young Guru that was supposed to have been on ‘Black Album.’

Jay kept his tweets concise during the seven-hour session. However, because this is Jay-Z, each one of his 140 character comments spawned intense reactions. Some of the best reactions came from both the people whom Jay decided to respond to and from the people Jay decided to name in his tweets. Check out the ten best responses here.

  • 1

    Britney Spears

    It’s hard to imagine Jay-Z just sitting back at home or in a car, “jamming” out to ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears, but apparently, that’s exactly what he does from time-to-time. Much like the rest of the world, Britney was stunned to find out that Jay was such a big fan, and of course she decided to respond by using a song title to make a pun. Original.

  • 2

    "Loco Vee"

    As expected, Jay-Z’s twitter spree exacerbated society’s fascination with celebrity culture. To get a mere two hours of online fame, people were going to great lengths to grab Jay’s attention, saying anything they could to get the valuable RT. And in this exchange, we see just how powerful an RT from Hov really is. Now that we know that Jay’s tweets can turn an enemy into a follower, let’s see if they can turn water into wine.

  • 3

    CJ Fogler

    Jay, known for his slick sense of humor, made a witty rejoinder at the expense of the legendary Rick Rubin, who made a cameo appearance in the ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ documentary and commercials by nodding his head while lying back on a couch. The tweet showcased Jay’s wit and also his wealth, but it had the added advantage of getting young CJ Fogler trending on Twitter across the pond. Everybody is a winner. #factsonly

  • 4

    Miley Cyrus

    Of course, one of the more controversial lines on ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ comes on ‘Somwhereinamerica,’ where Jay alludes to Miley Cyrus’ notorious twerk videos. He finally revealed the thought process behind name-dropping Miley yesterday, and he seems to be encouraging her, claiming that she is shaking up a stagnant society for the better. Whether or not Cyrus, who is just 20 years old, was consciously aware of this when she started uploading iPhone videos of herself twerking is not clear, but she certainly has decided to piggyback off of Jay’s comments. One question remains: this is the same Miley Cyrus who had never listened to a single Jay-Z song when she namedropped him on her smash hit, ‘Party In the U.S.A.,’ right?

  • 5

    Brandon A.

    Talk about overreaction across the board: Jay gets asked what album would he listen to if he could only pick one for the rest of his life, and he declares that he would rather die than choose an album. Meanwhile, the guy who asks Jay the question pretty much kills himself once he finds out that Hov gave him an answer. Might be time to calm down and remember that it’s just Twitter.

  • 6


    Everyone knows that Jay-Z cosigns Kendrick Lamar pretty heavy. After all, Jay jumped on Kendrick’s ‘B*** Don’t Kill My Vibe’ for an epic remix. What we didn’t know was what Jay-Z thought about the rest of Kendrick’s Black Hippy crew, if he even knew of their existence. Well, clearly, not only does Jay know who Ab-Soul is, but he’s a fan as well. And if it wasn’t for Twitter, Soulo would have never known.

  • 7

    Chrina-Gracie Mphela

    Obviously, an artist of Jay-Z’s stature has millions of fans all over the world, but trying to interact with them can lead to a bit of confusion due to language barriers. Here’s an example of Jay’s attempt to bridge that gap. Clearly, it wasn’t quite the success he had in mind. Oh well. Jay has 99 problems and miscommunication ain’t one.

  • 8

    Honee The Bee

    Jay-Z’s known for his cutthroat power moves. Just ask Prodigy. It’s no surprise that as a result, he can be a bit intimidating to talk to, as this young woman points out. Not only is Jay intimidating, he has the unmatched power to destroy one’s Twitter experience by putting an unrelenting spotlight on whomever he mentions. You can’t blame Honee The Bee to try to ask for some compensation for her wrecked interactions. Unfortunately, no dice.

  • 9


    Shaefri appears to be an aspiring artist of her own. She asked a good question about what Jay’s experience has been like working with Rick Rubin. Jay answered in a pretty thoughtful manner as well. That, however, was apparently too much for the young artist to handle, and she reverted to being the fan of music that likely inspired her to become an artist herself. Hopefully Jay’s response doesn’t have her thinking that he’s going to work with her anytime soon, because that probably will not happen.

  • 10

    Karan Shah

    A few minutes after Jay revealed that ‘Oceans’ had been completed two years ago, this kid decided to ask the obvious follow-up question. Of course, Jay had a response ready, but decided to break it up into two parts. The more the merrier. By the end of the day, the kid had two tweets from the world’s richest rapper. Who can say that? The trophy for this honor is in the mail.

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