Johnny Gramercy

As Tech N9ne revealed in an interview with TheBoombox, the Kansas City, Mo., MC recently embarked on a U.S.O. tour to perform for American soldiers overseas, performing six shows in eight days in Bahrain and Kuwait.

In a new statement, Tech discussed the trip, relating his overwhelming gratitude for the warm welcome he received from the troops, and his appreciation for the men and women of the armed forces.

"What affected me the most about my visit to the Middle East was how amazingly pleasant and humble those who are serving our country were, even while under some of the [roughest] and most secluded living conditions imaginable," he explained. "They showed my crew and I the most love imaginable for coming and giving them a piece of the USA, and that's exactly what we did. I told them every night that I would go into the middle of a war zone to show my appreciation for their bravery."

While the trip was an overwhelmingly positive experience, Tech suffered a slight mishap when he fell while boarding an Apache helicopter in Kuwait, suffering two broken ribs. In typical fashion, despite doctor's orders, the Strange Music MC continued to perform.

"While at Camp Buehring in Kuwait, I accidentally suffered two broken ribs trying to climb into an Apache helicopter," Tech revealed. "Afterward, even against the suggestions of the military doctors, I performed the entire hour-and-a-half of my last three shows under a lot of pain. I guess that was my way of saying that nothing could've stopped me from rocking the mic for those same troops that are so far away from their loved ones, suffering a pain all of their own. Nothing!"

Tech N9ne's 13th studio album, 'Welcome to Strangeland,' is in stores now.