Tech N9ne has released his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, 'Fragile,' off his upcoming 'Something Else' album.

The song, which also features ¡Mayday! and Kendall Morgan together on the hook, addresses critics and journalists who write about music. Neither Tech N9ne nor Kendrick appear to be fond of the criticism that comes from these sources, and attack them with two rapid-fire, aggressive verses. Kendrick's voice is noticeably husky and gruff, as if he had a sore throat.

It is obvious that both of these emcees were prepared for a lyrical showdown. The debate over who had the better verse will rage on inconclusively for a long time.

Meanwhile, the ¡Mayday!, Ralfy “FAFA” Valencia, and Danny “Keys” Perez beat works perfectly for this type of record, stripping the beat down to a simple drum pattern for the verses before escalating with keys and guitar riffs for the hook.

Tech N9ne's 'Something Else' is due to drop July 30.