Missouri-based rapper Tech N9ne took live tweeting to a new level yesterday, updating his Twitter page as he was arrested for vandalism. The rapper, born Aaron Yates, was nabbed for an outstanding warrant for illegally posting banners in Blue Springs, MO, going so far as to snap a picture of the arresting officer as he was hauled off in a police car.

'I'm getting arrested', he tweeted from his BlackBerry. Soon after, he posted a TwitPic from his business partner Travis O'Guin's phone, tweeting, 'From travs phone! They let me keep my phone but I only got one hand free.' He wrapped up his live updates with one last message, writing, 'I gotta go, they making me take off my shoes and belt.'

Tech N9ne ended up spending part of Wednesday in jail after the incident took place. He was originally stopped after testing O'Guin's Ferrari F430, launching the car from 0 to 70 mph in three seconds, prompting a Lee's Summit officer to pull him over. After the policeman ran his info, Tech N9ne was arrested, spending 22 minutes in jail before posting a $300 bond. O'Guin explained that both he and Tech were unaware of the warrant, claiming that fans most likely hung the posters and that they weren't in Blue Springs when the charges were filed. The pair plans on going to court today to clean up the mess.

The rapper is currently gearing up to release his eleventh studio album 'The Gates Mixed Plate', the third in his 'Collabos' series following 2009's 'Sickology 101'. The album, which features guest appearances from Kutt Calhoun, Brotha Lynch Hung, Devin the Dude, Jay Rock, Glasses Malone and more, is slated for release July 27.