In the past, Talib Kweli says he plays over 200 shows a year, so it's no surprise that he would use concert footage for the 'What's Real' video, which also features soul singer Res.

In the celebratory visuals, the Black Star rapper dances and moves around the stage while performing the upbeat cut with a live band. There's also tons of footage showing Talib's fans giving him huge amounts of love.

"What's Real' appears on the rapper's latest album 'Gravitas,' released back in December. The Brooklyn, N.Y.-bred MC temporarily switches his New York flow for more of a southern trap music delivery here.

"I'm born in Brooklyn like Biggie, I'm born in Brooklyn like Jordan / I'm born in Brooklyn like Tyson / You don't live this you just a tourist," he spits.

Res adds some much needed femininity to the song and video, as she moves gracefully around Talib, adding her delicate, yet soulful melodies. She's pretty easy on the eyes too.

'Gravitas' is sold exclusively on the rapper's website, where you can purchase either the CD, the Mp3 version or vinyl.