Fans aren’t the ones tired of Kanye West’s foolishness. On Saturday (Nov. 19), rapper Mysonne went on his Instagram page to deliver his own rant about West and how fans put celebrities on a pedestal only to be disappointed in the long run.

In the first video above, Mysonne confesses that he's tired of Kanye West's "corny s---" and the media who constantly promotes it on television and on the blogs.

“Kanye West will always be a bozo, he will always be a cornball. But I respected him before because he was corny and he knew it," he said. "Now [it’s] The Life of Pablo. You don’t know nothing about Pablo Escobar. You don’t even know nothing about that life. Now everything is about shock value. You calling out Jay Z, you’re doing a bunch of corny s---."

“But this what we have created. We have enabled the corny s---,” he added. “I’m tired about talking about corny n----s. I’m tired looking at the TV seeing corny n----s...Tell me about some real s---.”

In the second video below, Mysonne brings it home and explains that people and the media should focus on more real issues like police not be punished for killing unarmed civilians. He also addressed Yeezy's recent revelation that he didn't vote but if he did, he would have voted for Donald Trump.

"I'm tired of hearing about Kanye and his funny shoes. Y'all keep putting these corny n----s in position to have a say on real n---- s---. These n----s are not involved in anything. I guess now that Kanye married a white woman, we need to not focus on racism. But when you said "Bush, doesn't care about people, it made sense, but Donald Trump is different than Bush. Get the f--- out of here."

"I'm tired of the corny s---," he adds. "When you are going to realized that corny people are going to keep doing corny s---. As long as we keep giving these corny n----s power, they going to represent in a corny way."

The video is in response to West recent abrupt exit at his Saint Pablo Tour in Sacrmento, Calif., on Saturday (Nov. 19). However, before he left the stage, West delivered another epic rant where he called out Jay Z and Beyonce for their lack of support for him.

What do you think of Mysonne's statements about Kanye West? Tell us in the comments below.

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