It looks like all of the vinyl record collectors out there will now be able to access them in a much easier and efficient way.

While digging through crates is definitely an enjoyable hobby for music lovers everywhere, those with a little less time on their hands will be able to get their favorite vinyls thanks to a new subscription service called Experience Vinyl.

The service has recruited Talib Kweli, Quincy Jones, George Clinton, and Elton John to be artist curators for the brand. According to reports, subscribers of the service will be sent their chosen artist-curator’s albums, along with personalized commentary, and a list of the artists' 10 favorite projects.

Those who sign up for Experience Vinyl will pay $30 a month to receive the special items, a portion of which will be given to their artists' chosen charity.

“Growing up a vinyl fanatic, I’ve had the desire to create a record club for the better part of my adult life,” founder Brad Hammonds said in an interview withBillboard. “Experience Vinyl is a different kind of subscription service and a dream for any vinyl lover.”

He also elaborated on how personal the service is since it comes from the artists themselves.

“Who better to send you great music each month than artists themselves?" he asked. "It’s an honour to work with some of the greatest musicians of all time, and we’re excited to share their personal and meaningful picks with all of you.”

If you want vinyl records delivered directly to your doorstep, you can sign up for the service in April, when it officially launches.


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