Earlier this year, Talib Kweli reunited with DJ Hi-Tek as Reflection Eternal after a decade-long break to release their sophomore album 'Revolutions Per Minute.' But six days after the offering hit stores this past May, another LP dubbed 'Babygrande Presents: The Reflection Eternal Collection' unexpectedly arrived, against which Kweli has finally spoken and threatened to sue.

"Chuck from BabyGrande is a schmuck. He puts out an album called Reflection Eternal 6 days after we drop with old HiTek tracks. Scumbag," tweeted the rapper in regard to founder Chuck Wilson. "People like this guy Chuck are the reason why the business is fucked up. Please dont support snakes and make sure you cop the real. Fuck Baby Grande. I dont even say that in public usually, but fuck them and everybody who got anything to do with them. Thanks, I'm done."

Babygrande Records, an independent label founded in 2001, pieced the unauthorized release together with previously released tracks and a few new joints. Over the past few years, the imprint has been known to unearth tracks from the vaults against an artist's wishes.

Jean Grae, formerly signed to the label, spoke out against Babygrande after they released two unauthorized albums -- 2007's 'The Orchestral Files' and 2008's 'The Evil Jeanius' -- and failed to pay her any royalties from them. Rapper Vinnie Paz has also lashed out against the eight-year-old company, calling his deal with them a 'slave contract' in a 2009 interview.

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