With Donald Trump being in office nearly 100 days now, Talib Kweli was asked how his presidency affected Barack Obama's legacy. According to the Black Star member, Trump isn't even getting half of the backlash that Obama received.

"I think it's made people understand that the bar is set way lower for white people," he told a TMZ reporter. "Trump can be mediocre or even be a failure. Obama had to work so much harder than everybody else. He had so many more obstacles in front of him that Donald Trump had, and he was still called a monkey. He was still called a liar to his face by our Congressmen. Donald Trump lies everyday. Ain't nobody calling him a liar to his face."

Afterward, Kweli said that Trump won the presidency because people were angered that a black man was in office for eight years. Then he was asked what advice he had for Trump.

"My advice would be America is great," he stated. "Not because rich straight white men who have always been in power make it great. America is great because of diversity. So you have to learn about marginalized communities. You have to learn about Jewish people, Muslims, women, black people, gay people. People who are going to be further marginalized in Trump's America. He should reach out to those communities and listen to those communities instead of dictating to those communities."

You can see the rest of Kweli's interview above.

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