California rappers Hieroglyphics have been commissioned to create a series of 200 paintings for an art company. "The piece is dope," said Hiero member Tajai. "I love art. I love music. Music is art. And when they come together in a situation like this where they create something that's considered high art, immortalizing a group like Hiero in that manner, it's a good thing for music, and a good thing for history." Good thing for history. Yeah. [HipHopDX]

Bret Michaels has said some legendary things in his day. Though he's currently not in the best health, he still found time to discuss losing his virginity with MTV. "I lost my virginity around 17. It involved a motorcycle, a blanket - I'm going to admit it - it was an 8-track pop-tape player at the Mechanicsburg Fish Hatchery," Michaels said. That is awesome. [MTV]

Nicolas Cage is pretty funny, it turns out. Discussing his eating habits, the actor recently said "I love all animals. I actually choose the way I eat according to the way animals have sex." He went on to say that he prefers eating fish and birds because they are "very dignified with sex." Oh, definitely. [NYDailyNews]