Slum Village

25 Best Sex Songs
Sex is a part of life. In hip-hop and R&B, rappers and singers have never been afraid to express themselves sexually in a song -- they get right to the point.
J Dilla, The Maestro of Beats, Remembered by Hip-Hop Peers
It has been five years since hip-hop production virtuoso James "J Dilla/Jay Dee" Yancey passed away from complications of lupus. In a too short career, the Detroit native amassed a substantial production discography with his group Slum Village, as a solo MC and via his collaboratio…
Slum Village’s eLZhi Calls Manager RJ Rice ‘Poison’
A month after Slum Village rapper eLZhi learned that he was terminated from his group via Twitter, the Detroit rapper has finally revealed the "poison" that caused his untimely demise from the group.
According to eLZhi, RJ Rice, the founder of Slum Village's longtime label, Bar…

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