Believe it or not, there are some fantastic videos to watch on the Internet outside of -- we're just saying. Last week, a rare video surfaced of a 19-year-old Kanye West spitting bars in a cipher during Fat Beats' grand opening in 1996. Now there's another old video gaining traction on the Internet of a young Eminem rapping at Palladium Music Club in 1997.

In the old clip, a rather stocky Emimem wears a baseball cap and a heavy coat as he spits a flurry of rhymes alongside his best friend and late rapper Proof.

"Coming from the motherf---ing midwest / Lift your shirt up and let me see your big breasts," raps the diabolical Slim Shady.

It's interesting to see that even back then, the Detroit rhymer could move the crowd so effortlessly. We're not sure, but we think Em is rapping '313' from his 'Infinite' album, which garnered him a lot of buzz at the time.

The video also features a performance of the original members of Slum Village. Member T3 and late rappers J Dilla and Baatin rap a medley of hits from their 'Fantastic, Vol. 2' album, including 'Get Dis Money.'

Overall, the 24-minute-long clip offers a small glimpse into the greatness of Eminem and Slum Village during the late '90s, in what critics have dubbed as the "Golden Era of Hip-Hop."

Thank you, Internets.

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