New Music Releases - September 2015
Now that have a new Dr. Dre album for our listening pleasure, what could September possibly do to top August? The answer: Not that much. Although there are no album releases of the Dr. Dre caliber, there are still a few to take note of as we roll into the autumn months.
Happy Birthday, Avant!
Veteran R&B crooner Avant has the distinctive honor of being everyone’s favorite singer. The Cleveland native spent the better part of the last decade sweeping women off their feet with his charming presence. The muscular Lothario celebrates his 37th birthday today (April 26).
Avant, ‘When It Hurts’ — New Video
Artist: Avant Song: 'When It Hurts'Why You Should Watch: It's pretty easy to love someone when everything is peachy. Avant asks that his lady love him "When It Hurts" in the video for first single off his self-titled fifth album.