As couples get ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend, Scarface delivers an anti-Valentine’s Day ballad called “Keep It Movin’” featuring Avant. The song is found on the veteran rhymer’s latest LP, Deeply Rooted.

While the song is not particularly cheerful, it does offer ‘Face’s blunt lyricism on the heartache and pain that comes when a relationship crashes and burns.

Over a melodic piano riff, the former Geto Boys leader spits, “It's hard enough we breaking up / But after this no turning back, brought this on myself with her / Mistakes I'm forced to live with that, I'm knowing more mistakes to come / I'm human, that's my best excuse, in fact my only one.”

R&B singer Avant adds more emphasis on the chorus singing, “What happened to us, you acting foolish / I'm acting foolish, what we need to do is / Keep it movin' (that's what we need to do) / Before something happens we better keep it moving.”

Scarface is always known for bringing the darker side of the equation -- whether it’s about social issues, life on the streets, or on this song, love and relationships. We all have gone through drama when it comes with dealing with the opposite sex, and Brad is just relaying his thoughts on the matter. Sometimes things aren't so rosy on Valentine's Day.

If you want to hear more of Scarface's introspective rhymes and thoughts on life, check out his stellar album, Deeply Rooted.

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