After telling us how he got started in the music biz and why the police would often pay him a visit, T-Pain is back for another round of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction.’

In part one, the rappa-ternt-sanga revealed some interesting facts about the music equipment he mastered at a very young age, the story behind his Akon-inspired song and his rap moniker.

Teddy Pain returns in this second installment to address why his collaborative project with Lil Wayne called T-Wayne never came to fruition. “We had an album’s worth of music but once we really started doing it every song that we did got leaked,” he tells The Boombox.

The 29-year-old rapper-producer also talks about working with Taylor Swift ("It was pretty weird") and confirms whether a grassroots campaign to have him become the president of Florida State University is fact or fiction.

Take a look as T-Pain also reveals something unique about his family, particularly, his three miracle children: Lyriq, Musiq and Kaydnz (pronounced cadence) above.

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