We never did get to see that joint album from T-Pain and Lil Wayne, but that doesn't mean we're missing out on new music. The rappers' newly released song, 'Let Me Thru,' finds the two stars delivering wordy, fast-paced raps over a bouncy, keyboard-driven track.

"Now I'm just sitting here at this red light with my emergency brake on / The wheels spinning, whip looking like it got new skates on / I'm talking 9.8 seconds boy, this ain't gonna take long / Then I hop out at the finish line like 'is this what you waiting on?" spits the Auto-Tune rhymer.

Weezy serves his rhymes next, and based on his flow and punchlines, it sounds like this song was made a few years ago, when some might say the rapper was still at his lyrical peak -- it's truly hard to tell.

"I got too much rubber to burn, fire hazard Lil Tune the tycoon / Cash Money mascot, it's hot under this costume / Got pedals I've never stepped on, buttons I've never pressed on / Backseats I've never effed on, police still get the F bomb," Tunechi rhymes.

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Listen to T-Pain's 'Let Me Thru' Feat. Lil Wayne

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