T-Pain and Jay-z

Auto-Tune impresario T-Pain says that he and Jay-Z have finally settled their differences. The short-lived beef started when Jay dropped his Auto-Tune diss, 'D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune).' Though he claimed the single wasn't an attack against T-Pain for utilizing the vocal effect, Pain took offense to the record, dissing Jay for being "out of touch" at a pool party in Las Vegas last September.

The Florida singer/producer quickly rescinded his comments, releasing an apology via his song 'More Careful.' Pain and Jiggaman then met face to face and squashed the beef, at the 2010 Grammy Awards, hugging it out like true gentlemen.

"We talked at the Grammys," Pain told MTV. "It was a pretty big thing. Word for word, he said, 'That's f--ked up the way you took that song.' I'm a [crazy] n----, so we gonna take the song like that. That's how we take songs. He was like, 'I didn't mean nothing by that.' I was like, 'I already put out my apology song. So there you go. My bad. I apologize. Apologize for taking the song like that.' We shook hands, did the little chest bump. That was the end of that."

Pain is currently working on his fourth album, 'RevolveR,' which will be released later in the year, featuring plenty of Jay's favorite effect -- Auto-Tune -- and "a lot of sex and alcohol. That's a main topic," according to Pain.