T.I. is being accused of not being fair with the paychecks. The rap veteran has been hit with a lawsuit from 12 former employees of his newly-opened Atlanta restaurant Scales 925.

According to New York Post's Page Six, the group of ex-workers filed a lawsuit on Tuesday (July 5) alleging that Tip’s eatery refused to pay them overtime and “coerced to work off the clock.”

The former employees claim that their paychecks have bounced because T.I. is taking all of the profits from the restaurant and depositing in his personal account.

WSB-TV reports that the suit cites the The Fair Labor Standards Act in claiming employees were not paid properly for services rendered.

“Hughes used Scales LLC to create bank accounts for payroll. However, Hughes would deposit money from SCALES 925 into his personal account causing payroll checks to bounce,” the suit claims. “Hughes has made fraudulent statements to restaurant employees concerning the hours the employees worked at SCALES 925. For example, Hughes used a time and billing software call ALOHA for keeping track of employee hours. The software would delete hours or not keep track of hours exceeding 40 hours per week. Employees complained to Hughes but were told it was nothing he could do. Hughes also implemented the time and billing software in such a way that it caused employees to claim $35 in tips when the employees did not, in fact, make $35 in tips. Employees were also coerced to work off the clock for three hours before they were allowed to go home.”


T.I.’s attorney had no comment on the matter.

It’s been a rough couple of months for the Atlanta rhymer. In addition to the lawsuit, Tip had to watch his good friend Troy Ave go to jail over the shooting at New York's Irving Plaza venue. On top of that, his stepdaughter was arrested for having a gun in her luggage in a Atlanta airport.

Hopefully, T.I. will have a non-eventful summer.

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