Following the success of her latest album CTRL, SZA revealed that she has been working with influential musicians Tame Impala and Mark Ronson.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, she talked about her unexpected fame and new developments on the music front. When talking about her genre-bending style, the 26-year-old singer revealed her recent collaborations.

“People grapple with labeling me as hip-hop, R&B, or pop, and it’s interesting to me,” she said. “I’m just making music. I listen to Stevie Nicks. I love classical jazz. I love folk. I love rap. I love Modest Mouse. I’m making an album with Tame Impala and Mark Ronson. When you try to label it, you remove the option for it to be limitless. It diminishes the music.”

Elsewhere in the interview, SZA said that she's is overwhelmed by the glowing reviews for her fantastic debut album, CTRL.

“I wasn't expecting people were going to show a...lot of attention,” she said. “Every moment, I’m shocked. It’s taught me a lesson on energy and expectation. The biggest songs on the album — ‘Love Galore,’ ‘The Weekend,’ ‘Supermodel,’ ‘Broken Clocks’ — are the easiest songs I’ve ever made. Just free-flowing energy, and not me resisting.”

SZA even teased that a deluxe version of CTRL is also in the works.

Read SZA's full interview in the LATimes here.

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