While her song 'Babylon' takes on a trippy neo-soul journey, Solana Rowe, a.k.a. SZA, slows things down a bit with her new track 'Childs Play.'

Produced by XXYYXX & Dae One, the track features a bit of the sultry vibe reminiscent of Janet Jackson's 'Anytime, Anyplace' with a more laid-back and gentler tone. SZA's vocals -- comparable to singers like India.Arie and Macy Gray -- glide to your eardrums. However lyrically, things are not as delicate.

"Ripping my heads off of Barbie dolls / Toss them to the side / Get the convertible / I like the way it rides up," SZA sings.

What makes the track interesting is when Chance the Rapper enters. Instead of waiting for SZA to finish her lines, he just jumps in, which might sound abrupt at first, but quickly starts to meld together. This is a unique way of layering the dynamics in rhythm and tone.

This isn't the first time TDE's first lady has collaborated with a rapper. Kendrick Lamar has invited her to be a featured vocalist on 'Swimming Pools' and 'Poetic Justice' during live performances, she made an appearance on Schoolboy Q's 'Oxymoron' album and did guest vocals on Isaiah Rashad's 'Ronnie Drake.

'Childs Play' is off SZA's upcoming debut album, 'Z,' set to drop on April 8 via Top Dawg Entertainment.

Listen to SZA's 'Childs Play' Feat. Chance the Rapper