Cancer scares, fired managers, demoted managers and bad record deals. ‘SWV Reunited’ definitely didn't skimp on the drama for the show's first season. The finale kicks off from last week when Coko let the other girls know she wasn’t going to take a solo record deal and then Lelee and Taj were like, “Nah, you still got to choose.” Then Coko was like, “Ultimatums don’t work well with me.” Thank God this dance the ladies of SWV did was only for six episodes.

We’re quickly taken to a recording studio where Coko is recording a gospel song, 'At Your Feet.' What the song is for is unclear, but Coko can sure gospel it up. Later, Lelee and Taj join her in the hotel room where she plays them the song in hopes that it’ll change their mind in allowing her to do both her solo gospel career and focus on SWV. Sure enough, they do like the track and have a change of heart.

Did anyone notice that Coko closed her eyes when she said, “That’s all I ever wanted was your support?" This chick! Either way, what was the big deal? Michelle Williams had her own gospel career while still in Destiny’s Child. Um, scratch that comparison.

Things to come are more dire than expected. Still in New York, the group hurries over to meet with their new record label to sign on the dotted line -- it turns out it isn’t going to happen. SWV is still locked into their contract with Mass Appeal Entertainment. Thankfully, the record label is still interested but they just have to fix their situation. They couldn’t have called first to say there was problem? It just seems wrong that they would bring them all the way there to just tell them no. Who wrote this script?

Another story arc that’s been going on is Taj's potential move to New York after Eddie is thinking of taking a job. Taj doesn’t want to move back to the city for fear of uprooting her family and the future of SWV. She also brings up the fact that she’s been a great supporter of Eddie’s career and that it’s his turn to return the favor. "What about me?" Taj asks. Homegirl is picking up a couple of things from Coko.

It's then time for the ladies to meet with Marcus Siskind of Mass Appeal Entertainment. The guy walks in and you can already tell this isn’t the kind of guy that is going to fold. Obviously, he didn’t. Then all hell breaks loose and Taj goes HAM on Marcus, “We want out!” Marcus manages to corral the group, which leaves Lelee to relent with, “The bottom line is we signed the contract.” More than anything, the group is worried where that’ll leave them standing with Jeff Robinson.

SWBN (Sisters With Bad News) trolley on over to meet with Jeff. To make matters worse, he starts the meeting off by playing a demo for the group. When they drop the bomb that they weren’t able to sign the record deal with Sony and that they are going to give it another shot with Mass Appeal (not that they have much of a choice), Jeff’s dumbstruck by the simple fact that he didn’t know any this. Somewhere deep down, he’s got a soft spot for the group because he told them he’s sticking with them. Lelee’s the most excited of all. She gives us the “Hercules, hercules, hercules” clap from 'The Nutty Professor.'

The final stop of the tour is finally here. Upon the group’s arrival in Los Angeles for the show at the Greek Theatre, Coko shares with Cory that she changed her mind (I mean, this is just exhausting) and doesn’t want to record another album with Marcus’ record label, which by default means she doesn’t want to continue with SWV.

Meanwhile, Eddie makes it to the Greek Theatre to let Taj know he was offered the job in New York, but turned it down. Taj is not just excited but grateful that Eddie is being supportive of her career. Oh, man she is going to freak the heck out when Coko tells her what she decided.

SWV make it to the stage of the Greek for their last show on the tour. The girls are amped and play a great set to a receptive crowd all while Coko chews gum. After the show is over, the dressing room is packed with people and Coko kicks everyone out to talk about “grown-up” things with the group. Upon dropping the news that she doesn’t want to record another album because Mass Appeal is still involved, it’s every man for themselves. “We could be sued!” Taj screams. Lelee then accuses Coko of being on medication. Guns are blazing.

Coko sums her decision up in one swoop. “I’m not saying this is the end of SWV, but if the girls are willing to find Marcus with me and we can record with another label maybe I’ll consider staying in the group,” the singer explains. Once again, we end an episode with a fight, except like Lelee points out, this fight felt different. We're left with more questions than we were coming in. SWV reunited? Perhaps we'll find out if there's a next season.