Last week's episode of 'SWV Reunited' ended with the group going at it once again as Coko let Taj and Lelee know she wasn't going to attend their next big performance. But as we've learned, Coko isn't one to share what's really going on so it took a minute for her to say, "I have an obligation as a mother," referring to her need to return home to Virgina Beach, Va., for her son's upcoming court date.

Once that cat was let out the bag, the ladies said it is what it is and SWV's lead singer was on her way home. The side eye to this particular storyline: Coko hasn't spoken to or heard from her son, Jazz, in weeks. But at this point, all she can do is wait.

So in the meantime, back at the home front, with Taj's "divorce rumors' out of the way, there is plenty of time for Lelee to get her groove back while she looks for love in a whole lot of new places. She learned her lesson after going on a date with Power 105.1's Charlamagne Tha God, who told her straight up, "I'm a whore." So now, the 40-year-old singer is giving a 28-year-old motivational speaker she met in Las Vegas a chance.

When her date, Farrah Gray, comes to meet her at Taj and Eddie's home, the man can't help but notice Lelee's new posterior assets. Sidenote: he likes it. The couples go out together for a night of dinner and dancing, and Lelee's barely legal beau doesn't wait to ask the obvious question, "Does my age bother you? Me being 28 years old." Lelee's response: "I do think about the fact that my daughter's only three years younger than you because my daughter's going to clearly find you attractive." Damn, Lelee! With that said, this week's theme song will be Aaliyah's 'Age Ain't Nothing But a Number.' Go 'head and get yours, girl.

As Taj is helping Lelee add a couple good notches to her belt, Coko is back home wondering if Jazz will come home knowing that his court date is less than 24 hours away. Will he? Won't he? And before you know it, Jazz magically appears at his own front door. Like we didn't see that one coming. With a court-ordered 50 hours of community service and restitution fine, Coko's son will be just fine.

But the group is another question. While home, Coko sits to talk with her mother about her new gospel record and where the girls stand. Her mother, Lady Tibba, makes it clear that gospel and SWV cannot coexist. "If it was up to me, I would want you to do gospel and not SWV. I don't think that's where God is calling you," she tells her daughter. Coko admits she typically never listens when that conversation gets started, but this time is different because Taj and Lelee have showed her that they just don't care about her. But per the script the girl's surprise visit to Virgina, Coko has a quick change of heart and quickly returns to the road.

Since no episode has ended without a fight, it would be silly to think that this week's show would be any different. After SWV get off stage after rocking "the historic Howard Theater," as Lelee puts it, Cory asks everyone to clear the room because Coko needs to talk. The conversation: she was offered a gospel deal, and wants to move forward with it. But mama Coko has already told us how this situation will go down.. .it won't. Annoyed and frustrated, Taj and Lelee feel there's only one thing left to say, "Gospel is bad for our brand... you have to choose." Here is where we let out another, "Damn!"

Could this be it for SWV? Well, you know what you have to do. Tune into the final episode of 'SWV Reunited' on WE tv next Thursday (Feb. 20) at 10PM.