For the past three weeks, 'SWV Reunited' has found a how-can-we-up-the-ratings storyline that's all about Coko, but this week -- until the last 45 seconds -- the spotlight shines bright on Taj as some blogger continually reports that she's getting a divorce from her longtime husband, Eddie.

Although rumors of a possible split are a new topic for the show, Taj doesn't treat this week any different from the rest as she finds the ample opportunity to refer to her holy matrimony as a "celebrity marriage," and celebrity marriages are "complicated." Now, she's right in saying the Hollywood shuffle is a bit complex when you put a ring on it, but some might side eye her and Eddie still sitting in that limelight category. Sure, they're more famous than you, you and probably you, but they're no Jay Z and Beyonce. Either way, she makes one thing clear: don't mess with her man.

Hearing that should usher in Nivea and Jagged Edge's 'Don't Mess With My Man' track because Nivea says those exact words then lets you know "I'ma be the one to bring it to ya." And it's fitting that the song serves as this episode's soundtrack because Jagged Edge and Nivea are from the A, and well, that's where this week's reality soap opera takes place.

As their tour continues, SWV hit the road and head down to Atlanta where they meet with super producer and songwriter Sean Garrett. He's helping the ladies produce their next song. As Coko makes it clear she wants to write a track about "chicks hatin' on other chicks 'cause they man like that chick," Taj and Lelee get to arguing about what lyrics should reign over the song's verses.

Who do you address? What do you do? Do you beat her or do you beat him? Do you really need to beat anybody? Was he even cheating? These are all questions that appear to hit a little too close to home for Taj because at some point it seems like she stopped arguing over song lyrics and was picking a fight about issues that may or may not live in her marriage. Meanwhile, Sean Garrett is sitting there with a "WTF" look on his face before he jumps in and defuses the situation.

VH1 should have started a sub series to its 'Best Week Ever' brand because after the trio's studio session, Lelee asks the best question ever: "How can you come to Atlanta and not hit the strip club?" Speak, Lelee. You can almost hear 2 Chainz in the backgroud singing "Tru."

Taj and Lelee try to drag Coko to Atlanta's famed Magic City, but she's quick to give the girls a "Oh hell nah" look. So, the group's dynamic duo hit the headquarters for ass slapping, grabbing and shaking for a night of relaxation fun. Taj tries to work the pole with one of the club's strippers and Lelee throws a couple dollar bills her way.

The next night, SWV hits the stage at Taboo 2, and delivers a crowd-loving performance. But just when you think the show might end on a good note, Coko swoops in and lets the girls know she's cancelling their next show. Showing their anger, Taj and Lelee start to go in, but when SWV's lead singer says it's because of her son and his legal issues, they quickly back off.

How will it all play out? Tune in next Thursday (Feb. 13) at 10PM on WE tv to find out.