Tears and tensions were at an all-time high as the credits rolled at the end of last week's episode of 'SWV Reunited,' but that was just a sneak peek into the feuds that would escalate as the girls come to Jesus and realize there's no trust in the group.

As the ladies of SWV -- Coko, Lelee and Taj -- continue their press run around New York City, the trio sits down at Ebony magazine's Manhattan office for their first major editorial interview in years. The publication's editorial director doesn't hold back as she digs into the woes that tore the girls apart more than 10 years ago.

Coko immediately breaks down when she's asked about life as mother -- admitting that her oldest son "hates" her, and they have no communication -- to the point that she has no clue where he is. Taj is pissed because she's the godmother, and is only learning about her "missing" godson because of this interview.

Catching on to Taj and Lelee's surprised reactions -- not that Taj tried to hold anything back with added commentary -- Ebony's editorial director asks if there was ever any unity in the group or a time when Coko felt she could open up to her sisters. Lelee, feeling overwhelmed with emotion, jumps right in to say, "[Back then], we had a ball. We had a good time before we started [singing] professional[ly]. We used to dress alike and [Coko] used to do our hair... it was just fun... And then something happened... we listened to people, and we listened to a lot of the wrong people. We allowed it to destroy us in music and in our relationship."

There's no question the girls have a few kinks to work out, and by few, we mean a lot. So fans have to wonder, "What is the tie that binds?" as Ebony's ED put it. "We love to perform," says Lelee. "The stage is like a second home. We're better together then we are apart... musically." Every strong bond needs some time apart, but it looks like all these years weren't time enough.

While SWV is working on making their official comeback, Coko shocks her sisters when she reveals she's going solo -- again! Coko's heart belongs to gospel as she puts it, so why not see what she can do on her own in case SWV doesn't work out this time around.

The lead singer sneaks around New York to meet with a rising gospel music producer to hear a track he's been working on for her, and of course she falls in love with it. When it comes to making the decision to go solo while trying to revive her group, the New York City native has one thing to say: "I can do what I want because I'm Coko."

On another note, Jeff Robinson may be the girls' new manager. he's unaware of the historical tension, but he's not blind. Anyone can see SWV needs a mediator, and Robinson knows just the person to get Taj, Coko and Lelee to lay everything on the table. Jodeci's 'Come & Talk to Me' really should have been playing in the background during this segment of the show because it's something the girls have obviously never done.

Lelee confronts her feelings of hopelessness and despair as she confesses she was ready to kill herself when the group split up and her bank account sat with a simple $200. Coko sheds tears as she explains how her father wanted nothing to do with her until she became SWV's lead singer. "He knows Coko, but he doesn't know Cheryl," she says.

And Taj just wants to know what is up Coko's ass to make her hate her so much for all these years. "She was a nasty bitch," Taj tells the music therapist Jeff brings in. "All I know was her heart was rotten and ugly." It seems Coko heard a few rumors that labeled Taj as management's personal snitch, and we all know how the hood treats loud-mouthed people.

Moving forward, and wrapping up this week's intense 42-minute segment, it seems Cory readily accepts his road manager title as WEtv quickly notes the change when he appears on camera. Like we said last week, he wasn't going anywhere.

Another Thursday, another episode, and next week will only bring more drama!