Last week, Lelee, Taj and Coko ended their first episode of reality TV sitting on a couch in Nashville, Tenn., as the latter  sat on the phone with her doctor waiting to find out if her future was breast cancer-free. This week, the girls find a reason to jump to their feet and celebrate because all the lead singer can do is scream, "Woo! I'm cancer-free!"

To memorialize the non-cancerous news, Coko and Lelee decide to treat themselves to some much-needed wanted plastic surgery, but because the trio is dealing with "trust issues" as Coko puts it, the two refuse to let Taj in on the celebration. As Lelee preps for her Brazilian butt lift, she has no problem sharing the tingling feeling that comes over her when "Dr. Curves" puts his hands all over her backside. Take this time to cue R. Kelly because she knows 'Feelin' On Your Booty' was playing in her head.

With less than two weeks before hitting the New York streets to kick off their national tour, they show up at one of their final rehearsals barely able to walk. And Taj, well, she's pissed! The first thing out of her mouth when she sees "Dumb and Dumber" walk in is "What the hell is wrong with y'all?" Quick to admit that they went under the knife, Taj has no intentions of keeping her anger inside. "Y'all are buggin'! If we come back to New York with Coko and Lelee looking like they just got out of a nursing home, we're gonna get booed out of the city."

With a butt pillow glued to one sister and a bottle of Vicodin stuck to the other, there's no telling how the group's Big Apple comeback will go down, but Lelee surely learns one thing: "I never knew how much I needed to sit on my ass." Maybe next time she'll think twice about getting a butt job days before going on tour.

Trust issues keep brewing amongst the ladies and selfish behavior continues to show -- it's clear Drake should have been singing his melodic 'Trust Issues' ballad The "Sisters with Voices" don't seem to be able to trust each other, and their manager, Cory, can't seem to trust them.

New York may be the kick-off for the trio's tour, but it's also a business trip to find new management. The problem here? Management doesn't know there is a problem. Deciding to meet with Jeff Robinson, the man behind the success of Alicia Keys and Elle Varner, Coko, Lelee and Taj are ready to go in a new direction and it doesn't include Cory, the man that stuck by them when no one else did.

The girls wait until after their New York show -- literally, right after -- to let their longtime manager and friend know his services are no longer needed. But they're kind enough to offer him a demotion if he wants to stay on board. Isn't that sweet. Cory being pissed is an understatement.

"Y'all been gone for over 15 years. What did you think was gonna happen? You were gonna put an album out and it was gonna go straight to the charts? Nobody wanted to sign SWV. You can't blame that on Cory. Y'all been doing this sneaky stuff and it's crazy," he says.

How does this situation end? It's reality TV, so whatever is scripted happens. But right now, we know Coko says the friendship is done and Cory chucks the deuces to such a loving demotion. No worries, though. We all know he'll be back next week.