Some of the funniest, smartest and most insightful people hang out in your neighborhood barbershop. A trip to the shop isn't without its fair share of conversation. L’Oreal Magic Shave highlights just that in 'Barbershop Conversations,' hosted by journalist Sway Calloway.

Sway and crew head to Mr. Kelly's barbershop in Brooklyn, N.Y., to take part in a discussion that involves style and grooming. Journalist Shaheem Reid, celebrity barber Jomo Kenyatta and artist manager Akino Childrey are all included in the talk, which details the importance of staying fresh. After all, it could increase your success rate.

"I learned early on that the better you look the better the result can be," Sway says. "You've got to carry the substance, you've got to have the information, you've got to have the knowledge the know-how, you've got to bring something to the table, but how often have we seen people who just look great have great things happen to them?"

The longtime TV and radio host then goes on to tell a funny story about being approached by Jay Z when he wore a suit for the first time on the red carpet. He received some surprising words from the rapper, reminding him to look sharp at all times.

Watch to find out exactly what Jay Z told Sway about his style above.

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