Since his glory days as the imposing head of Death Row Records, Marion "Suge" Knight has been known for a series of legal snafus. After yet another recent arrest, it's also been uncovered that Knight has indeed followed through on his threat to appeal a judge's decision to throw out his case against Kanye West for a 2005 shooting at Miami's Shore nightclub. Knight wants more than $1 million in damages because West was hosting the party the night he was shot in the leg.

Knight's attorney, Mark Brumer, officially filed an appeal last Friday (Dec. 3) in Miami federal court. The appeal is in response to a judge's summary judgment last month in favor of West, in which he claimed there was absolutely no evidence that a shooting at the party was foreseeable or within the realm of Kanye's responsibilities. Knight maintains that it's West's fault for fostering an environment with lax security.

Adam Josephs, West's attorney, has previously called the lawsuit "ill-conceived" and is confident there is no reason to even bring the case to a legitimate trial.

Knight was recently arrested on a $40,000 bench warrant for failure to show up in a Los Angeles court to address driving with a suspended license and running through a stop sign.

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