Once known as a teflon figure in hip-hop, 2015 has surely proved Suge Knight is indeed mortal with a slew of legal troubles. The latest obstacle in his life comes in the form of a lawsuit filed against him and comedian Katt Williams for assault and battery of a photographer.

The Hollywood Reporter gives details on the suit filed by photographer Leslie Redden. She alleges that on Sept. 5, 2014, Knight took umbrage with her because she was taking photos outside of the FilmOn Studios in Beverly Hills. He wasn't too pleased with the paparazzi snapping a picture due to his belief that she had photographed his son without his consent.

After approaching the photog and calling her a "bitch," Knight then indicated that he had called another female to join in on the assault. He's alleged to have said, "a bitch to come beat your motherf---ing ass." Knight is also accused of raising his shirt to show his waistband in a menacing manner.

Redden attempted to escape, but Williams and a woman believed to have been the comedian's girlfriend at the time intervened, forcing Redden to the ground. They proceeded to try to pry her camera away and shouted at her to delete the photos. According to Redden, the incident was a traumatic experience. She claims to have severe injuries to her neck, back and head, as well as a dislocated finger.

This week has been a trying one for Knight, who was also served with a wrongful death lawsuit. The widow of Terry Carter, who Knight fatally ran over in his pickup truck, names Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Universal Studios as defendants in the suit. If Knight's request for a dismissal of the case is not granted, he is due to face trial on charges for murder, attempted murder and a hit-and-run.

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