Styles P is known for rugged raps -- see his guest verse on Rick Ross' 'B.M.F. (Blowing Money Fast)' -- but the Yonkers rapper is a longtime advocate of healthy eating. Putting his money where his mic is, Styles has opened a juice bar in the Castle Hill section of Bronx, N.Y.

"JUICES FOR LIFE 1026 castle hill bx ny!" Styles P tweeted. "Juice up !!! And get a wheat grass shot while your at it!!!!"

The Juices for Life juice bar opened about a month ago and is owned by Styles (born David Styles), Nyger Rollocks and Leo Galvez. All three became acquainted while regularly hanging out at Trinidad native Rollocks's Fruits of Life juice bar in Harlem. "I was eating a lot of fast food, but Rollocks got me eating right," Styles told the Bronx Times-Report. "Our first goal is to get everyone a little more health conscious."

In accord with Styles' health awareness, Juices for Life features exercise equipment and a bar where patrons are encouraged to sit and sip on the natural fruit and vegetable juice beverages they have been served. There are plans to franchise and open more juice bars in the future.

"I drink all types of juice whatever combo I can think of!" Styles added via Twitter. "And to put this simple the food u eat is dead. fruits and veggies r alive! getwitit!" He also revealed that he's participated in several juices cleanses. "Next juice fast will be my third 1! Google juice fast get the info 4 yourself I wasn't with the master cleanse but I could rock with juice!"

Aside from the juice endeavor, Styles P added author to his resume last year, releasing his first fiction novel 'Invincible' via His fourth solo album, 'Master of Ceremonies,' is due out later this year.

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