Styles P has announced that he will be releasing a new mixtape next week, to tide fans over while he preps his upcoming fourth album, 'Master of Ceremonies,' which is due in September.

In an interview with MTV, the LOX rapper discussed the new mixtape, 'The World's Most Hardest MC,' which he described as a throwback, of sorts.

"It's just gonna be hard. It's gonna be like the old feel, but kind of a new feel," he explained, before revealing that group mates Jadakiss and Sheek Louch will be making separate appearances on the mixtape. "Expect another crazy in and out with me and Kiss. Expect a joint with me and Louch. I'm just gonna kinda go ape on it."

While mixtapes frequently feature freestyles over instrumental versions of recent hits, Styles revealed that his new tape will feature all original production, making it more of a street album than mixtape.

"I'm gonna do original beats," he continued. "The mixtape game kinda switched now, because I don't want the Feds knockin' at my door for using Weezy and Jay-Z and Kanye and everybody's beats, so you kinda gotta go original."

Look for Styles P's 'The World's Most Hardest MC' mixtape to drop next week. His highly-anticipated 'Master of Ceremonies' album is due in September.

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