As Rick Ross' newest signee to join the Maybach Music Group roster, Ohio native Stalley has all eyes in his direction. The rapper has been serving music to the masses for quite some time but his affiliation with the MMG brand has launched his lyrical prowess to new levels. Last year, he debuted his 'Lincoln Way Nights' album and is keeping the momentum going with his 'Songs by Me, Stalley' series. He's currently up to his eighth track, 'Volley Express,' and has debuted the Chad Hugo-produced 'Mind Made Up,' which all serves as a preface for his forthcoming release 'Savage Journey to the American Dream.'

Stalley is constantly searching for what he believes is the "American Dream." The bearded MC kicks off his blog series with The BoomBox by explaining his thoughts on the topic, which is one that everyone -- hip-hop fan or not -- can relate to.

"The American Dream is something I'm still struggling to define. The more I think about it and reflect on my past, the more I question what the American Dream may be. When I was younger, my dream was to be a professional basketball player. I lived, slept and ate basketball in Massillon, Ohio, where high school sports are everything and viewed as a way out of a small town. I think becoming a professional athlete is a dream that many kids have, especially from small towns in the Midwest, where cities and land are more spread out.

You hear stories about people leaving their town to follow their dreams and 'make it.' I wanted to make it. But for me, personally, my dreams shifted because injuries prevented me from becoming the athlete I wanted to be. Now my goals are totally different. I'm still in pursuit of the American Dream, and one day I'll define it."

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