Soulja Boy is holding back nothing coming into 2017, and his list of those he has beef with is only getting longer.

The "Crank Dat" rapper is currently preparing to fight Chris Brown in a professional boxing match in Dubai down the line, but he's making sure to take shots at a few others in the meantime. Soulja sat down with HYPEBEAST this week, where he addressed the upcoming fight event, but also made sure to come at everyone he has tension with, and then some.

In the video, Soulja says "f--- everybody," as he feels he was the first to do everything in the rap game when it comes to the Internet. The rapper takes shots at Kanye West, Mike Tyson, Migos, and Lil Yachty, along with Chris Brown. It would make sense for him to diss Migos, Yachty, and Breezy, as he has had public feuds with them already, but we're not exactly sure where Yeezy comes into the picture. Tyson is an enemy for Soulja simply because he was recruited by 50 Cent to train CB for the fight.

"I created the Internet… I was the first rapper with a youtube page," Soulja says in the video. The claim isn't too far off, as he found a huge amount of success as being the first rapper to go platinum off of a ringtone-infused single. Watch the full interview above.


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