It’s T.G.I.F.! We know you’re ready to clock out of your day job and dive right into the weekend festivities. But what’s a Friday without some good music to help prepare you for the turn up or relax during your final countdown of summer?

Don’t worry, in case you’ve been busy toiling away at the 9-to-5 or bombarded with the other things life has thrown at you this week, we’ve got you covered with the newest releases in The Boombox’s Best Songs of the Week. It's our duty to put you on to the bangers out of the endless batch of noteworthy tunes that flooded the internet this week.

Last week’s lineup featured some pretty stiff competition with A.G. Da Coroner, Waka Flocka Flame and Scarface, with the latter taking top honors. Over the past week, hip-hop and R&B hasn't disappointed (although we can't same the same for Donald Trump). This week, Big K.R.I.T. is focusing on his rides, B.o.B. wants to get cozy with his lady and Mario makes a return. Listen up below.

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    Big K.R.I.T.

    Old school cars and better days get thrown a nod on Big K.R.I.T.'s new salvo, "86." The Mississippi titan is in go-mode on this outing, tossing around relentless bars and laying down his southern-drenched brand of pimping on the track. He waxes poetic about Monte Carlos over his signature brand of country-bred production. While it's not clear if this is off a new project or just in time for his Kritically Acclaimed tour, we're a fan of this banger.

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    "Netflix and Chill"


    There's few things as good as a date with a lovely lady and B.o.B. presents an ode to one of the more low-key options for your quality time on "Netflix and Chill." The rapper plays off the popular meme on social media that you can't escape. Riding out with his No Genre homies, Bobby Ray celebrates the pastime that is watching movies and waiting for the scene to get hot and steamy. More than five years after first wowing fans, B.o.B. is still presenting us with music worth of a listen. "I was thinkin' Netflix and chill, Netflix and chill / I got drink and smoke and d--k if you come through for real / I was thinkin' Netflix and chill, Netflix and chill / I wake up and need it up that's a bed and breakfast for real, oh yea," he rhymes. Obviously B.o.B. isn't beating around the bush.

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    Mario Featuring Rick Ross

    R&B singer Mario is back on the rise after a hiatus with his latest offering, "Forever" featuring Rick Ross. Produced by Scott Storch, the track is an uptempo affair, powered by 808 drums and synths and is tailor-made for Mario to lay down his mack. The lead single is from his forthcoming album, Never 2 Late, due Nov. 27. "Forever" is a cut that proves Mario hasn't lost a step and is still money when it comes to presenting dope singles to the public.

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