Weeks after the death of legendary Gang Starr rapper, Guru, there is still controversy brewing around the late emcee's friend and business partner, Solar. Since Guru's passing, both his family and former Gang Starr partner, DJ Premier, have publicly criticized Solar for limiting access to the ailing rapper, and fans have voiced their distaste for the producer through mediums like the recently launched site F---Solar.com.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Solar has maintained that he acted in Guru's best interests, but critics aren't ready to let the issue rest just yet. This past weekend, a hacker finagled their way into Solar's email and his Twitter account (Solar_7Grand) where they began broadcasting a series of personal messages from the producer's archives.

The hacker -- who was only identified as a woman -- posted alleged emails between Solar and his PR company as they revised drafts of letters that were later issued to the public. "Well, the farewell letter is obviously fake as you can see in the leaked emails, there are different drafts of that letter," the hacker wrote. In one e-mail in particular, Solar instructs his PR representative to eliminate certain words from Guru's letter, including any mention of the word "surgery" and wishes from the Elam family.

The hacker also released a series of e-mails between Solar and an unidentified friend of Guru's who claims that the late emcee was forced to open a secret e-mail account and private phone line in order to communicate with his loved ones. Over a span of six hours, on May 8, the hacker posted a continuous stream of content derived from the information in Solar's accounts, explaining that they had over 800 emails to sort through. "Solar did control Guru's Mail, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace," they wrote on his Twitter. "And for the record: Guru wanted to leave 7 Grand and Solar." "Guru begged Solar to get the operation done, but Solar wanted to tour in Europe."

Additional email correspondence included Solar detailing the stream of press interviews he has had to tackle on Guru's behalf. "When Guru died, no grief whatsoever in his emails!" the hacker wrote. "Just business as usual as you can see in the mails I leaked."