Rick Ross' 'Teflon Don' and its gargantuan summer banger 'B.M.F. (Blowing Money Fast)' are still owning the streets, but that doesn't mean the Maybach Music CEO is going to let up just yet. Just as Jay-Z once declared himself the "God MC" and Cam'ron is a "boss of all bosses," Rick Ross has finally decided that he is the king of the bosses. Ross dropped a new track entitled 'King Boss' that goes into his current responsibilities, which mainly involve convincing women that he is the best option around."

Rapping over a soulful backdrop with plentiful piano stabs, chimes and 808 drums, Ross drops three straight verses with nothing resembling a hook. "She needs to get away," he raps. "Let's go to Puerto Rico/ Money machines in the belly of the speed boat/ Clear for customs we're heading straight to the weed hole/ We eaten bully beef with gangsters speaking in Creole."

Later in the track, Ross rhymes: "She dated Slim Thug/ Now she f--- with me/ She finally made it to the biggest boss, luckily."

While we're uncertain when this track is from, the premiere has already received a response from Slim Thug. "WTF @rickyrozay is that a diss?," he posted on Twitter. We are puzzled as well, but the line seems like it's more of a joke -- like, he is literally the biggest boss -- than a diss. Either way, you can find a download of 'King Boss' here.