Paris is going to be a “No Chain Zone” for Rae Sremmurd’s Slim Jxmmi. The rapper reportedly lost his $100,000 diamond-encrusted chain while performing a concert in Paris.

According to French newspaper Le Parisen (via HipHopDX), the rap tandem was onstage rocking the mic when Jxmmi decided to jumped into the audience to possibly crowd surf. Unfortunately, he was wearing his expensive chain and he lost it.

After Jxmmi discovered that his chain had disappeared, the pair stopped the show and attempted to look for the chain. In the video above, you can see Swae Lee offering 5,000 euros for the chain’s safe return. After a couple of minutes, they bumped the reward up to 50,000 euros and they would bring the person who returned the pricey accessory on tour with them.

Sadly, either the audience couldn’t find the chain or the thief with the sticky fingers decided to take his chances selling it on the black market.

Either way, it was a costly lesson for the "Black Beatles" rapper, who did file a report to the French police after the show.

Jxmmi's purported missing chain was recently acquired back in May. It’s a gorgeous piece that features the letters “JXM” flushed out in ice (see the Instagram photo below).

Hopefully, Slim Jxmmi can get another icy chain made.

Lesson of the Day: Rappers don't stage dive with a mortgage payment around your neck. We are just saying.

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