It may not be the year 2000 anymore, when the 'Thong Song' was still all over the place, but Sisqo definitely still has it. As a matter of fact, he may have gotten a little better, as he just released the visuals to his song 'Lips,' off his forthcoming album, 'Last Dragon.'

In the video for 'Lips', the blonde-haired crooner strips down all of the glamour and glitz, and simply sits at a piano and sings his heart out. And just when you think the entire clip is just him and the piano keys, he gets up and reminds us that he's a dancer just as much as he's a singer, however it's always a little bit weird when people create entire dance routines for ballads.

The video still comes off nice though, namely because the Dru Hill frontman is still fun to watch, and between his vocals and his precise dance moves, it's truly hard to look away.

There's also a gorgeous woman playing his love interest, and very fittingly, she comes equipped with the nicest pair of lips you'll see on this side of the Atlantic. It almost makes you want to take up singing lessons and dye your hair blonde.

It definitely looks like Sisquo is back, especially with the two strong singles he's released for his upcoming project. 'Last Dragon' will hit stores on Jan. 13.

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