Does Sisqo have 2015's most slept-on album? Last Dragon, his first album in 14 years, dropped to little notoriety back in February. It's cool since the man is a legend. Sisqo, born Mark Althavean Andrews, turns 37 years old today (Nov. 9).

Before breaking out on his own, Sisqo was already a star as the lead singer of Dru Hill. The quartet fit well in an era of sensual R&B groups. They weren't JoDeCi or Boyz II Men, but they still had their hits. "In My Bed," "How Deep Is Your Love" with Redman and "Never Tell Me" are three of their biggest songs to date.

Sisqo was bigger than the group when he finally broke out as a solo star. That tends to happen when you have a song as gimmicky and unfairly catchy as "Thong Song." Released on New Year's Eve 1999, "Thong Song" is literally the last hit song the '90s produced, peaking at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Incomplete" is Sisqo's No. 1 hit, but it's also his lesser known.

His albums Unleash the Dragon and Return of the Dragon both went platinum. However, Sisqo's latter singles flunked badly and his career never reached the same heights as his late '90s success. He never returned to prominence but its cool; "Thong Song" belongs to the culture.

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