Two weeks ago, Shyne blasted Def Jam CEO L.A. Reid in an interview, accusing the mogul of turning his back on hip-hop and even claiming that he had been fired. After taking some time to reconsider his words, Shyne has had a change of heart, and issued an open apology letter on Wednesday to the man who signed him to a seven figure deal after nearly a decade behind bars.

"I was wrong about my assessment of Chairman Reid," Shyne wrote. "After I stopped being all Carl Thomas emotional and things like that, I thought about the facts. Fact is L.A Reid was there when I was locked, a few feet away from death row and the Black Panthers. L.A. was on the visit floor on Rikers Island looking at me through them blinding bars, showing me he believed in that gang boy revolutionary music I make. "

After detailing Reid's numerous achievements -– selling millions of records, making stars out of talents like Diddy and Jermaine Dupri -- Shyne reconfirmed his loyalty to the Def Jam honcho. "I'm loyal to a fault! F--- it!!! I'm rolling with L.A.," he wrote. Most surprisingly, however, the former Bad Boy rapper gave props to Reid for cultivating legends like Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and Usher, when his previous letter explicitly targeted him for favoring R&B over hip-hop.

Check out Shyne's full apology letter here.