After serving almost ten years behind bars and away from the music scene, Shyne has been on a run this week, releasing three new tracks in just as many days. His first official single 'Messiah,' debuted on Monday, April 12, followed by a remix to Rihanna's 'Rude Boy' on Tuesday, April 13 and finally a freestyle over Alicia Keys' 'Un-Thinkable' on Wednesday, April 14.

On latest track, Shyne spits his usual smooth flow, rapping to a woman, "When we first met, I was an outlaw/ Never pretended to be anything but a roller from the streets/ Saying I should change, Ma, I gotta eat/ Ain't gon' be no peace till the blood get a piece." But before the end of his freestyle, Shyne fans the flames of an old fire, by taking a quick shot at long time rival 50 Cent. "I need a couple million, f--- 50 cents," he spits. Shyne and 50 last exchanged words with each other over five years ago, with the release of Shyne's 'Godfather Buried Alive,' while the rapper was already behind bars.

Although five years has been more than enough time to bury the hatchet, it's seems likely that Shyne has a motive with this jab. 50 Cent has become notorious for picking fights and attempting to stir up empty beefs with artists like Jay-Z in recent months, so what better way for Shyne to get some shine, than to initiate a war with a Fifty?