It was Monday (April 12) yesterday that Belize-born rapper Shyne dropped his first song since being released from a nine-year prison sentence, but the rapper has more heat on the way. On the heels of the new track 'Messiah,' Shyne has returned today with a remix of Rihanna's hit 'Rude Boy.'

"You say you want a 'Rude Boy,' huh?/ Please, Let the shotta know/ This penitentiary pipe will have you singing opera notes," Shyne spits on the pop anthem. "Lock and load, where you wanna go?/ This is rock and roll, with them choppers though/ Tell junior, fall back now that daddy's home."

Though temporarily situated in his native Belize until his immigration situation is sorted, Shyne still reps New York, where he spent most of his life, on the remix. "I got the city on my back, pretty women in the sack," he rhymes in a deep, syrupy drawl. "Rollin' in the Rolls/ Sit, sittin' in my lap/ This is not a rap, fool, this is not an act/ Welcome to New York, blood, this is where it's at/ Snitches take a nap with the fishes and the rats/ Buried in the dirt where the witnesses is at."

There is no word yet from Def Jam as to whether the remix is official or just a teaser freestyle, but we like what we hear so far. Check the song out after the jump.