DMV rapper Shy Glizzy is having a bad day. The "Awwsome" rapper reportedly got his gold chain snatched and now the alleged culprits are flaunting the jewelry piece while taunting the rhymer to come and get it.

Big Mota and Dmuney Stacks, two local Memphis rappers, seem to be the masterminds behind the crime.

"F--- all that @shyglizzy come get yo chain back," read one caption of an Instagram post by Stacks with a photo of the chain.

It appears that the reason why Glitzy was robbed of his chain was because the 23-year-old rapper refused to do a track with the two up-and-comers. “We asked you nicely to do a song, you said get the f--- out your face,” said Mota in an Instagram video.

Another video shows Mota with a gun as he gives his address and claims he "isn't hard to find." Bold, but not a smart move on his part. (To be fair, none of their decisions have been particularly wise.)

The alleged culprits have been using the hashtag #MemphisKingsofComedy, so hopefully this is just one long and bad joke. Either way, we hope the two can resolve their issues without anyone getting hurt.

Glizzy has yet to make a statement about the loss of the seemingly expensive diamond-encrusted chain.

Check out how the drama unfolded on social media below.

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